Product Description

Warmze starter kit includes one patterned sock and 2 biodegradable warmer refills to fit perfectly warm your baby’s bottles on the go. In just 30 minutes you will have a perfect tepid bottle ( 90-104 degrees )  the temperature recommended by Pediatricians. Its’ small size fits easily in any diaper bag or purse-great for the car, air travel, shopping, theme parks, sporting events, and more.  One warmer will conveniently heats several different bottles throughout a day-no boiling water, no metal disk to click, no running to car for car charger, no electricity, no batteries or microwave. It’s like magic! Warming pads are air-activated and last for up to 10 hours.

The small starter kits fit most reusable bottles 4-6 ounces.
The large starter kits fit most reusable bottles 8-11 ounces.

Why is heating to tepid so important?
Pediatricians recommend tepid temperature, it helps reduce colic and increase nutrients.  Wherever you and your baby go, you can always have a perfect bottle with Warmze. The ONLY portable bottle warmer that is Truly portable.  Warmze is small and compact and can fit in a purse, diaper bag or anywhere you would store a bottle.  Warmze warming pads are disposable and bio-degradable.  Our product is natural and eco-friendly.