I fell in Love with my son the moment he was born. It was June 3, 1990 and like many new parents I was not prepared for the range of emotions that would soon follow after his birth. Instantly, my heart was filled with more love and joy than I could ever possibly imagine. Of course, in addition to the unconditional love, came the endless worrying and angst. Parents know the feeling…that pit in your stomach that surfaces every time you hear them cry, or when they get hurt, or for those few seconds when you can’t find them. Twenty-three years and a grown son later, that pit in my stomach is still there. No one could ever prepare me for these new feelings that would remain with me for life.

These feelings are what ultimately lead me to create WarmZe—a simple solution to warming bottles anywhere. Remember that pit I was talking about, well I was tired of feeling that anxiety every time I was out of the house and feeding time would near. At the mall, on a plane, buying groceries, or any other time I was away from the house with my little one, I would soon have a hungry baby on my hands and the panic would start to sit in. While waiting for the bottle to get to room temperature, which can feel like an eternity when you have a hungry baby crying, I would wish someone would create a PORTABLE bottle warmer that could warm multiple bottles while out.

So I did!!! I hope this product prevents you from having that pit in your stomach feeling and provides a little more ease when you are out and about with baby. We want the best for our babies and if we can eliminate a few unhappy moments with a warm bottle at hand than that is all that matters.

Maureen Christy
Maureen ChristyJust a mom!